‘Dress’-ing up


Sometimes you just don’t want to wear pants. Sure, pants are a necessity to any wardrobe. But when you want to look extra cute or stay comfortable throughout the day– a skirt or dress might be the answer. Mid-length is great for transitioning from casual to fashionable when going from day to night. This kind of dress or skirt is a very versatile  wardrobe staple — it’s all about how you style it.


A sleeveless, patterned short dress is versatile and cute, like this one from Aritzia. Aim for mid-thigh to knee length to keep things classy. Wear it to work with leggings, combat boots and a jacket, and it will transition well for after-hours cocktails with the ladies.


More narrow-fitting dresses, like this mini-dress from H & M, are great for a night on the town. Keep it classy and layer it over tights, wearing your favorite dark cardigan for a layer of warmth, accessorizing as you see fit.



Sometimes, a simple solid-colored dress, like this one from Forever 21, is just what you need. Embellishment, like lace and sparkles, is fun. Or you can layer a patterned sweater or jacket to add interest to your ensemble.



To take detail to the next level, try a two-tone dress. This one is cute, though flipping it to find one with a dark bottom half would be more flattering. This look gives the appearance of a skirt and dress, with the simplicity of a one piece clothing item.


While the “skirt-dress” is fun, investing in a cute skirt, like this one from J. Crew, will give you more outfit options. Wearing it with your favorite denim chambray top is a simple look that says “I want to look adorable, but not like I’m trying to hard.”




Skirts also look cute with jackets and cardigans. H & M styled this patterned one with a dress shirt, blazer, opaque tights and pumps, for yet another cute ensemble that transitions well from day to night.

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