Finally spring– time for an Ann Arbor adventure

This past Wednesday was a bright sunny day, and I had the day off, so I got outside and spent the day with my boyfriend in Ann Arbor, Mich. My favorite part about going to new places is exploring, and while I’d been to the town once before, there was still a lot to see.


After getting coffee, we made a stop at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. Art museums are so interesting– a great place to use the creative side of your brain. While there was not as much variety here in artwork as other museums I’ve been to, I enjoyed the variety of artifacts, like this cool vintage tea sets.


And also this painting that I liked to think was of a cat lady– notice the kitten near her feet and bottle.



The art of Ann Arbor carries out into the streets. (Photo credit to Damien on portraits of yours truly). outfit1

Though it’s officially spring, there’s still a chill in the air. My grey DKNY trench (which I got from Macy’s for just $40 after discounts and coupons) was helpful to break the windy breeze. I’ve been really liking skirts lately (especially this black Vince Camuto one I found on Lord and Taylor at an amazing price). Not only are they cute, but also comfy and fun– especially when worn with tights or leggings.


Magnificent architecture, love the castle-like appeal of this structure.

IMG_1766The structure of the University of Michigan’s buildings is pretty impressive and intricate.


Being silly.

IMG_1780When it came time for dinner, we weren’t sure where to go, and settled on this little Mediterranean restaurant called Sava’s. I got a mushroom pasta, and Damien chose a seafood noodle dish. My cocktail was candy inspired, with Twizzlers in the drink. We were happy with our dining choice, and I give the restaurant a 9/10 for food and service.


After eating, we did some more exploring, and came across Vault of Midnight, a fun comic book store.


Damien studying some Star Wars stuff.


I loved the feel of this store– they had a fun mural right by the door.


After the comic book shop, we discovered this cool holistic, zen shop called Crazy Wisdom Bookstore and Tearoom– and it was just that. Self help books, and other literary knowledge lined shelves, in addition to cool candles, teas and nick knacks. This place just had a great vibe.



The sidewalks also shared inspiration, for our fun day of exploration and adventure (love Dr. Seuss). I can’t wait to visit again.



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