Boho-chic: how to wear hippie-inspired apparel

Hippies Movement of the 1960s. Courtesy photo
Hippie Movement of the 1960s- people dressed in bright colors and patterns. Courtesy photo

At the first Woodstock Music Festival in 1969, people gathered to celebrate and enjoy life, dressed in patterned and fringy clothing made from comfortable materials. They seemed carefree, and made a statement both in politics and fashion.

Today’s answer to that is Coachella, and looking on social media, the street styles have changed a little, but the idea is still the same. The event starts off the summer festival season, which spans from alternative to hard rock and roll music.

Walking into stores right now feels sort of like a time machine, since this season is full of flowy, patterned apparel reminiscent of the ’60s and ’70s hippie-style fashions.

With music festival season and long summer days just upon us, figuring out how to pull off this trend is crucial.

While there are a lot of styles to choose from, adding some bohemian flair to your look is simple.

Whether you want to go all-out with your hippy look for a concert, or spice up a work look with a little ’60s appeal, there are many ways to rock this fun vintage trend.



The floral peasant top, like this one from Forever 21, is a must-have for any wardobe. This top is versatile, and can be worn on a variety of occasions. Style it with bell bottom jeans and a sunhat for a totally groovy look. Or mix decades and pair a long peasant top with leggings for a cute and comfy style. This top can even be worn with dress pants and a blazer to work– it’s that versatile.


If you want to be more bold with your hippie style, pick out a patterned maxi dress, like this one from Macy’s. These dresses are very comfortable, and work great for summertime, whether worn at music festivals or just hanging out at a friend’s barbecue. Bold and colorful dresses are more playful, while dark and solid colored maxis and more simplistic.  Add a fringe vest for extra grooviness, or wear a cardigan if there’s still a chill in the air.



Speaking of sheer material, maxi dresses with a sheer overlay, or a fringy bottom, are another cute way to bring the hippie appeal to your look.


If you are hesitant to wear a maxi dress, a maxi skirt like this patterned one from Forever 21 might be the way to go. It gives you more outfit options– you can pair it with a band tee, or a plain t-shirt and denim jacket.


Hippie dresses aren’t always floor length. A baby-doll style dress like these Levi’s ones might be more flattering, if you aren’t as tall.




Another versatile bohemian item for the spring and summer wardrobe is the crocheted top, like this tank from Love Culture. At concerts, many choose to layer this over a bandeau or bikini top and cut-off shorts, but it looks best when worn over a dark cami, to show the detail of the material. To transform this into an everyday look, wear it with a cami, cardigan and dark skinny jeans.


I don’t recommend this for everyone, or for everyday wear. But if you’re feeling extremely bold, try out a body suit like this one for an extremely ’60s-’70s look. The only downside though– using the restroom means climbing out of it, which wouldn’t be very fun at music festivals.  Plus it’s not always the most flattering item, and shouldn’t really be worn in public often outside of a concert environment.

Photo/Google Images
Photo/Google Images

No hippie look is complete without the accessories. Starting at the top, headbands are a music festival and summertime bohemian style essential. Whether you want to celebrate “flower power” with a floral crown like Lana Del Rey’s signature style, or you go for something simple like plan suede or leather headband worn across your forehead, this establishes the freebird style.



Chandelier earrings are a necessity for a groovy look. I got these at For Love 21 a few years back, but you can find similar ones almost anyone accessories are sold.

Photo/Google images
Photo/Google images


Another essential for hippie style is the fringed bag.

Purses are important when at music festivals, but just because they need to be functional doesn’t mean they should be lacking in fashion sense. (i.e. the fanny pack, which many festival goers sport ironically).

I’ve been lusting over Lucky Brand’s fringy bags for years.

They are cute and fun, though kind of pricey. The style is available in leather or suede, and in both neutral and bold colors, often adorned with beads or patches.

If you are wearing a fringy vest, however, maybe go for a more plain leather or suede bag so you don’t create fringe overkill. But for the most part, fringy bags go well with hippie-inspired apparel.



Last but not least is the shoes. No hippie outfit is complete without the moccasins. Sure, wedges are cute. But when you are on your feet all day, a nice pair of these suede babies is great to have. I swear by my Minnetonka Thunderbird mocs, which I’ve had for about four years now. They have a bit of wear to them, but I think it gives them character. Being the original, Minnetonka has the best moccasins, available online in a variety of colors. I have a black pair I wear with dress pants, that also work when hanging out outdoors, so this hippie-inspired item will be a versatile addition to your wardrobe, as you embark into the land of Gods and Monsters for summer and festival season 2014.


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