Celestial Seasonings’ Moroccan Pomegranate: a fruity rooibos

One tea that I can’t get enough of lately is Celestial SeasoningsMoroccan Pomegranate Rooibos. The floral-superfruit taste is naturally sweet and tart, balanced out equally with pomegranate, hibiscus and rooibos flavors.


To prepare this caffeine-free herbal tea, boil your water, then steep for about 4 minutes and enjoy warm. The aroma is a strong pomegranate, floral fragrance–almost with a hint of citrus– very fruity, yet nutty. You can add honey or sugar, but in my opinion, this tea is already very sweet and flavorful so it does not need anything. When I added honey, it was tasty, but a little too sweet for me.


I love the taste, but this tea also has a lot of health benefits. Rooibos is a great source of antioxidants, and minerals, so it is said to improve blood circulation and settle the stomach. Also, being caffeine free, it is better for the heart, and a great drink for the evening hours as well as the daytime. Combine that with the pomegranate, which also brings antioxidants, and you’ve got yourself a very healthful beverage.


This versatile tea also tastes great iced– it’s very fresh, and the fruity floral flavor will be perfect on a summer afternoon. But today, I drank mine hot, in my new rose-adorned Roy Kirkham bone china cup– an amazing find at only $5 from TJMaxx. I love the details of it almost as much as the simplicity– the roses are gorgeous, and they remain the focus against the plain white china. Just such a great find– aside from Teavana, TJ’s and Marshalls are my favorite spots to buy tea cups and mugs.



But back to the beverage. If you’re looking for non-caffeinated tea, with lots of health benefits and flavor, check out Celestial Seasonings’ Moroccan Pomegranate Rooibos– you won’t be disappointed.

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