Now playing: Tears for Fears– Head Over Heels

I love new-wave 80s music. It has emotion, and was just unique for its time. Part of me wishes I would’ve grown up in that decade, but only because of the films and music that it brought (I’ll pass on the overly teased hair and parachute pants).

One of my favorite 80s songs is “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears, and lately I cannot stop listening to it. The 1985 track is so catchy, and tells a great story of that moment when you know you are falling for someone-that nervous feeling of whether they feel the same and the desire to just be with that person alone “to talk about the weather.” There’s something about all of the “la la las” and the repeated chord progression that keeps this song on repeat for me.

“Head Over Heels” briefly appeared on the charts and was featured in 2001 film Donnie Darko. The song has been covered well by multiple artists, including Katy Perry and New Found Glory, in addition to an interesting Chuck E. Cheese spoof version about needing a new bike wheel. But even the singing mouse could not do it better than Tears for Fears.

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