Best and worst: BAFTA Red Carpet

Yesterday was the EE British Academy Film Awards, and while many movies took home winning titles, a lot of the looks did not. Weird hairstyles, strangely cut dresses and tacky material made for awkward outfits on the red carpet. While there were a lot of odd choices, many stars looked amazing and wore their looks well. These are my picks for best and worst looks on the BAFTA red carpet.

The Best

Dame Helen Mirren

1. Dame Helen Mirren looked gorgeous in this sparkling navy gown. It is very detailed, with tulle in all the right spots and pretty sequined patterns at the top. It was almost a work of art. I think it was a great choice for her– classy and age-appropriate, but still stunning. She accessorized it well with diamond chandelier earrings, and a simple hairstyle kept the focus on her dress.

Oprah Winfrey in Stella McCartney

2. Oprah Winfrey’s burgundy Stella McCartney gown was also a great red carpet choice. It’s a flattering look, accentuating Oprah’s curves and flattering her fuller figure. This dress is also very detailed– I love the top portion, and the ribbon accentuates her waistline.  She kept the look simple with minimal accessories, which works well with this dress.

Lupita Nyong'o in Christian Dior Couture

3. Lupita Nyong’o can do no wrong on the red carpet. Once again she looks stunning, this time in a light emerald colored Christian Dior Couture gown. Again, this dress looks like it was made for her, and the color compliments her skin tone very well. The gold belt and jewelry are subtle, creating a simple, yet stunning look.

Fearne Cotton in Scaasi4. Fearne Cotton’s Scaasi golden gown is very old Hollywood chic. The detailing in the material is stunning, and I’m glad she kept it simple with her accessories (am I seeing a pattern here?). Her hair matches the theme of her look, making this a more classy Marilyn Monroe look.

Naomie Harris in Gucci

5. This red Gucci gown looks amazing on Naomie Harris. The look is simple, but boldy makes a statement. I love the color, the plunging neckline and the belt– which all flatter her slim figure very well. The cut along the side shows off her cute black lacy pumps, and following suit with the rest of her look, Naomie’s slicked back hair kept the look classy and classic.

The worst

Emma Thompson in Maria Grachvogel1. Emma Thompson– are you an actor or a pimp? This Maria Grachvogel look is another strange one. The jacket just drowns her petite, cute figure. I’m not sure what’s underneath– a dress maybe? I’m not sure what was going on in the mind of the person who put this outfit together, but I’m wondering if Emma ever looks in the mirror before leaving the house for a red carpet event.

lilly allen vivienne westwood

2. This look makes Lilly Allen look like some sort of exotic bird bridesmaid. It’s a strange outfit. The dress by itself is loud enough, but adding that weird pink hair took things too far. I know Lilly likes to be bold and make a statement, but making one like this is never a good choice.

Ruth Wilson in Antonio Berardi3. Ruth Wilson looked like the tin man in this glittery-silver Antonio Berardi pantsuit. I am all for a women in a suit, but the choices on this red carpet just didn’t work. This one is flattering on her, but the color is tacky, and the cut is weird. I also did not like her shoes. They looked very cheap and uncomfortable.

Angelina Jolie (in Saint Laurent) and Brad Pitt4. I will probably get flack for this one, but I hated Angelina Jolie’s Saint Laurent suit. Matching her man Brad Pitt was a cute idea, but when they are standing next to each other, she just looks sloppy. Brad’s look is so put-together and classy, but with the unbuttoned white blouse and jacket, and the lack of socks with her black ankle pants, Angeline is a mess.

Lea Seydoux in Prada5. I’m so sick of this style. Lea Seydoux’s Prada navy dress looks unfinished– like the designer ran out of thick material, and decided at tulle instead. The dress is also too tight– obviously cutting into her bust for a look that makes me feel like she probably didn’t breathe all evening. If she had went a size up, and the dress was not incomplete in the front, this look could have been gorgeous, but this style was just unflattering on this gorgeous lady.


One thought on “Best and worst: BAFTA Red Carpet

  1. Oprah Winfrey’s burgundy Stella McCartney gown is definitely the best out of these ensembles…

    I actually quite like Angelina Jolie’s Saint Laurent suit… it’s quite sexy but couples dressing is gag worthy on that note!
    For me the worst has GOT to be Emma Thompson neck on neck with Ruth Wilson… what were they thinking!?!?

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