Photoshop controversy continues

There’s been an ongoing fight against Adobe Photoshop in the past few years. Celebrities have been “standing up” against altered photos of them. Dove has revealed the process of editing photos to be the industry’s idea of “beautiful” in their successful campaign promoting “Real Beauty.”

The latest in the series of “anti-Photoshop” videos is from Buzzfeed, involving women reacting to their photos being airbrushed. In the beginning, they each discuss how much they want to change themselves, yet after, they seem unhappy with the results.

Photoshop is made to enhance or improve a photo. It’s a saving grace for a picture taken in poor lighting, or when you are feeling artsy. People shouldn’t be so offended.  It is better that we are educated in the fact that the women in magazines don’t actually look like that. While I understand why celebrities would feel angry seeing a photo of them that was changed completely, they are still beautiful in person, and usually get paid the big bucks for their “appearance.” It is not right that their photos are so altered, but photo tampering is nothing new

"Appearance vs. Reality" Photo/DOVE
“Appearance vs. Reality” Photo/DOVE

In the past, most young women probably picked up glossy magazines and believed the images they saw were completely genuine. With the power of the internet and television, we have more knowledge and power to do our own research and question reality. And when there are entire websites dedicated to Photoshop fails, women should be more aware that there is no “perfect person,” rather, these looks are created for fashion and to promote the sale of products. With this in mind, people need to stop trying to get that lusted-after look, which is clearly unattainable, and just be happy with themselves.

One of the women in the Buzzfeed video said “The ideal just doesn’t exist.” But who says you are not ideal. Maybe when you look in the mirror, you only see your flaws. That probably is not the way others see you. To many, you might just be ideal.

A little makeup is not a bad thing. And styling your hair is fun too. There’s nothing wrong with getting glammed up and having fun with fashion and beauty, but it is important to be comfortable in your own skin. Just because you don’t wear size 00 doesn’t mean you can’t be gorgeous. The look is not about the number on your tag. It’s not about having flawless skin or perfect hair. It’s about working with what you have and playing up your good features. It’s about appreciating what makes you you. A blemish, mole or wrinkle is okay– it makes you human. Make your eyes pop with pretty liners and shadows, and wear something that makes you feel sexy– regardless of the size (when you’re wearing the right size for your body, you look better–no matter what). People need to stop being so hung up about what society expects, and learn to love who they are– because it’s pretty special. 

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