How to survive a sick day

When it’s cold, and you’ve caught a bug, sometimes you just need to take a sick day, or three. Flu season is in full force right now, with the subzero weather and increase in germs. The best way to get better? Take a little time off, or if you can’t, make the most of your downtime by relaxing and take it easy when you go outside. Recuperating and taking care of yourself will get you back on your feet in no time.  Here’s my advice on how to deal with you’re not feeling 100 percent.

1. Stay in bed all day (or as long as possible)

Photo/Ballard Designs
Photo/Ballard Designs

We have responsibilities, and they are important. But sometimes, you’ve just got to slow down and take time to get better. If possible, call off work or get someone to cover for you. But whatever you do, spend any free time you have inside, cuddled in a warm blanket, laying in bed. Take naps, check up on your social media, watch adorable kitten videos— whatever you want, as long as its relaxing. Staying in bed will help you rest and improve. When you get to the point where you’re sick of your room, you are getting better. But until then, take it easy and get lots of extra sleep. Rest and relaxation is key when you’ve got the flu.

2. Get lost in a movie, magazine or book


This is the time to catch up on that reading list, or check out the Netflix flick everybody’s talking about. Just because you’re feeling under the weather doesn’t mean you have to let your brain shut down too. One of my favorite ways to spend a sick day is curled under a warm blanket with a fashion magazine. Getting inspired and putting your mind in a positive state can may even make you feel better. Comedy shows are also a great choice. Laughter is the greatest medicine, as I learned in a class I took in my final semester of college, so put on your favorite comedian and appreciate some humor. You’ll be feeling better in no time– I guarantee it.

3. Drink and eat a lot


When you’re sick, it’s okay to snack more. Your body needs the fuel to feel better. So have that chocolate cupcake, or eat that bowl of ice cream. It might just make you feel better. Jell-o, soup, Dove Chocolates (I love reading the wrappers of the Promises, it always makes me feel a little better too!) are all good food choices to nurse a cold. I can’t tell you how many bowls of soup I have had in the past couple days, but it really does help. Stocking up on fluids is also very important. People recommend whiskey with honey, but I usually go for a nice, tasty cup of mint or green tea with honey to soothe sinuses and a sore throat. 

5. Dress properly

A sick day look I put together on Polyvore.
A sick day look I put together on Polyvore.

If you absolutely have to leave the house for work, school or a run to the store, when you’ve got a bit of a cold, make sure to dress properly– wear socks with those flats, keep your hands warm with gloves, wear a parka and most importantly, dress in layers. You never know if you’ll get overheated or develop the chills, so dressing in layers is smart because it gives you options. Dressing to go out on a sick day is something Ingrid Nilsen, or MissGlamorazzi, discussed in a recent Vlog. It’s not necessary to look amazing, but it might make you feel better to get dressed and ready if you do leave the house. Opt for a sweater over a short sleeved top, that way you won’t feel uncomfortable undressing a little. A scarf around your neck might be your best accessory when leaving the house on a cold day. It blocks out the wind, and insulates from the chill– especially during this nationwide polar vortex. Also, make sure you’re comfortable. You already don’t feel well, so don’t add to your pain with uncomfortable shoes or too tight of pants.

6. Take a nice, relaxing shower or bath


The best way to clear your sinuses and just feel more relaxed when you are sick is to take a nice, warm bath or shower. This can help with muscle aches from the flu, and the steam can help when you’re feeling stuffed up. Use a nice aromatherapy bubble bath or body wash,  (unless you have a headache, then avoid scented products) to pamper and refresh yourself, and maybe play some relaxing music in the background.

And those are my tips for surviving a sick day. What do you do to feel better while under the weather?

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