How to survive the winter

It’s that time of year again. The sun disappears, temperatures are often subzero and the ground is constantly covered and recovered with the white fluffy stuff. Winter is here, and unless you are a very warm blooded pro-skier, or live in the sunshine state, you’ll probably spend a lot of time indoors. Wondering what to do when you’re stuck inside? Don’t fret, Life’s a Cup of Tea has some tips on making the most of hibernation to come out happy on the other side.

Check your social media

social media

Want to know where the latest snow ball fight is happening? Wondering about road conditions? Just need to update yourself on the styles of coats your peers will be sporting? Social media is very beneficial when you’re snowed in. Why walk over to the window and interrupt your day when you can look to Facebook for an accurate local forecast? Is there any other way to find out that, “OMG! IT’S SNOWING!”

TV show and movie marathons


This is an obvious one. Cold weather calls for movie marathons. Or watching that show everyone tells you is “so amazing.”  So boot up the Netflix, or turn on your television, and lose your mind in a re-run of Everybody Loves Raymond.

Bake something


Who doesn’t like cookies, warm and fresh from the oven? Rather than sulk and stare out the window on a snowy, cold day, warm up the oven (and kitchen) and try out a new recipe.

Drink something warm


There’s nothing better than a glass of something warm on a freezing afternoon. Tea and hot chocolate are my favorites. But don’t limited yourself. Staying in the house can make you feel trapped at times, so you might want to opt for something stronger, like a hot toddy.

Get organized


Whoever coined the phrase “spring cleaning” clearly never lived in Michigan. Why spend the warm, sunny days cooped up cleaning out that messy project, when you can tackle it on a chilly day off during the brrr season? With New Year’s just ending, organization is likely on your list of resolutions. Plan projects for days that you are stuck inside. Cleaning gets you active, and making a messy room neat can also help to clear the mind. Avoid using strong chemicals, since you can’t really air out the room by opening a window. But cleaning make up brushes, or reorganizing your closet is a great way to spend the day.

Read a book

Courtesy photo
Courtesy photo

Reading a book is a great escape when you’re snowed in. Find a book (preferably with a story that takes place somewhere warm), crank up the heat and forget about the snowglobe you are surrounded by, for just a few hours.

Watch kitten videos


Or any cute animal video for that matter. Preferably something with fur, to make you feel the warm fuzzies when the weather outside is blustery.

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