Goodbye Leaves

Fall is winding down– where did the time go? With the change of season, comes the disappearance of leaves.

leaf 4

The funny thing about leaves is, they are at their prime right before they die. Living in Michigan, we’ve fallen into this annual routine, where leaves are born in the spring, coming onto trees as little buds, ready to grow into greenery and take on the world. As the weather heats up, these tiny baby leaves evolve, like a caterpillar, transforming from seedlings into green glory on the trees.

leaf 7

This phase lasts a few months, and then the leaves change, again. The air gets a chill, and the leaves react by becoming passionately vibrant in shades of bright orange, sunny yellow and fiery red. They stay this way for a little while, amazing to those that notice them, and deceiving those unfamiliar to think that something wonderful is about to happen.

leaf 1

But then, the leaves start to lose their glow. They shrivel, and crumble, fading to brown and drying out. The once gorgeous leaves are dead; and they leave the trees just as they had the year before, and the year before that, and so on. They remind us that the warm times are gone, the days will be shorter and winter is on its way.

leaf 3

Things can change each year. The economy can grow better– or worse. You might not stay in touch with the same acquaintances– or you might meet new ones. People change, life changes, and things may seem unsure. But looking at the leaves as they fall away in an almost depressing state, one thing is guaranteed: they will be back when the wintry weather comes to a close.

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